If you’d like to email a member of the team, please use the email format firstname.surname@minorentertainment.com

Andrew Bishop
Andrew BishopManaging Director
Andrew leads our teams.
Andrew Collier
Andrew CollierCreative Director
Andrew develops new projects.
Andy Fletcher
Andy FletcherCommercial Director
Andy is responsible for the company’s finances, including fundraising and investor relations.
Ben Hopkins
Ben HopkinsWebsite Manager
Ben manages and optimises our websites.
Claire Gregory
Claire GregoryAudience Services Administrator
Claire provides administrative, customer service and ticketing support to our audience services team.
Di Amadi
Di AmadiDigital Marketing Executive
Di creates and delivers our digital marketing content.
Hugh Gledhill
Hugh GledhillHead of Sales & Marketing
Hugh uses direct and digital marketing strategy to grow audiences and ticket sales.
Jacqui Hadlow
Jacqui HadlowAdministrator
Jacqui provides admin support to the team and our productions.
Jenni McNally
Jenni McNallyMarketing Manager
Jenni manages our digital direct marketing campaigns.
Jo McWaters
Jo McWatersAudience Services Manager
Jo is responsible for customer relations and ensuring we deliver an excellent and consistent audience service experience.
John Fricker
John FrickerTicketing Manager
John looks after our ticketing and manages relationships with box offices and ticket distributors.
Joyce Kasilag
Joyce KasilagGraphic Designer
Joyce looks after all our print and digital design.
Oliver Seadon
Oliver SeadonExecutive Producer
Oliver produces our shows and books our tours.
Rich Walsh
Rich WalshProjects Manager
Rich looks after ticketing, data analysis, merchandising, web and ICT.