Our Vision

Our vision is to create family theatre events where everyone has a great time.

Our Purpose

To make every detail of the audience experience better, so the whole family can enjoy the show.

Our Values

We work together to make our customers and colleagues happy. That’s why we expect everyone who works with us to behave in the following five ways:

  • Put the customer first
    We stand in our customers’ shoes and continually raise our standards of service in response to customer feedback.
  • Be approachable and willing to help
    We are always helpful and kind because it’s our job to delight young children and their families. Our attitude towards customers and colleagues is friendly and ‘can do’.
  • Understand small things matter
    We focus on the things that matter to make the whole experience family-friendly.
  • Treat people honestly and fairly
    We admit when we make mistakes and we put things right. We follow clear policies and give proper explanations – we don’t hide behind phrases like “technical reasons beyond our control”.
  • Muck in and do what needs to be done
    We’re all part of the show. We pick up litter, clean loos and hold doors open. It doesn’t matter who was meant to do it first, we all help each other do what needs to be done.